Specialists is
a family

Established in 1994 by Jim Strang, brother David and father Harry, a prominent Dunedin musician and piano tuner for many years.

Piano Specialists are agents for Kohler & Campbell acoustic pianos, imported Japanese pianos and the Korg & Casio range of digital pianos. 

Retail hours:

Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm,

Sat: 10am – 2pm, or by appointment.

Sun: By Appointment

Piano Specialists company owner and piano technician, Jim Strang.

Jim completed a four year piano technician apprenticeship in February 1984 and for the next two years was in charge of the piano department at Dunedin’s Bristol Piano Co. He is a member of the Australasian Piano Tuners & Technicians’ Guild.

In 1988 Jim departed for London where he spent 18 months in a workshop situation gaining considerable piano rebuilding experience and refining his skills. While there he passed the British Piano Tuner’s Assn expert piano tuners exam and became a member of the BPTA.

Today Jim is contracted as piano tuner to Otago University, Dunedin Venues including the Town Hall and runs Piano Specialists with help from fellow piano technicians James Dickson and Jochen Guldner. The business specialises in piano restoration and sales from its newly appointed premises at No 9 Howe St Dunedin North, and also provides a tuning and repair service throughout Otago and Southland. This allows us to assess pianos in these areas for purchase and/or restoration and means that we can service what we sell. Supplying their discerning clients with quality instruments is what Piano Specialists is all about.

Piano Technician, James Dickson.

When visiting our premises, you may be served by the very personable and talented James Dickson. James is a grade 8 pianist and expert piano technician, responsible for a large percentage the high quality restorations performed in Dunedin over recent years.










We provide individualised services, ensuring that our technicians understand each client’s requirements and deliver accordingly. 


For Piano Specialists, the sale of a piano is one step in the process which begins with the restoration, and continues with the ongoing after sales service

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